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We are hoping to generate record attendance to the rally in Johnstown on September 30th.
I’ve been asked to see if you or your group can help bring 5 to 10 people.

Who: Governor Tom Corbett – with special guests, American War hero and NY Times Best Selling Author of Outlaw Platoon, Sean Parnell, U.S. Congressman Glenn Thompson, and radio and TV personality, Rose Tennent.

What: Pennsylvania Energy Rally

Where: Frank J. Pasquerilla Conference Center | 301 Napoleon St, Johnstown, Pennsylvania 15901

When: Tuesday, September 30at 5:30pm


ROSE TENNENT: I’m Voting for Tom Corbett
Dear friends,

rose2 3Pennsylvanians have benefited greatly from the stewardship of Tom Corbett. Unfortunately the daily onslaught of union-funded press releases, television ads, the blame game and other false propaganda have prevented Pennsylvanians from knowing just how much we have benefitted from his leadership.


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The fact is, Tom Corbett has been a necessary watchdog for the people of Pennsylvania and we can’t afford to lose him. We can’t take a chance on losing the ground we’ve gained under this administration. To do so would be taking too many steps backwards.

For example, while Tom Wolf claims Pennsylvania schools are under funded, the truth is we are spending more money on education under Governor Corbett than at any other time in the state’s history. In fact, Pennsylvania is ranked 12th highest in the nation for per pupil spending, and tenth-best overall. Tom Wolf and the unions are telling a story that the facts just don’t bear out.

And as a fiscal conservative I appreciate Governor Corbett’s disciplined handling of Pennsylvania’s spending. He inherited a shocking $4.2 billion budget deficit and has made difficult, but necessary decisions based on the harsh reality that we don’t have more money to spend, and neither does the taxpayer. He set out to make Pennsylvania live within its means. He cut waste. He ended inefficient programs and eliminated millions of dollars in legislative earmarks. In doing so, he eliminated that massive deficit, and he did it without raising taxes. Tom Wolf, on the other hand, promises many things–all of which would put his hands in our pockets. His big spending plan would undo all that the Governor has done to keep Pennsylvania fiscally sound. It would be a devastating reversal.

The Governor has stood strong against establishing Obama’s state exchange for the expansion of Medicaid, and recently secured federal approval for his alternative plan, Healthy PA. Tom Corbett’s plan will save the commonwealth $5 Billion dollars over the next eight years. And it’s the only plan in the country with a work requirement, and a requirement that participants over the poverty level pay premiums or lose their coverage. Tom Wolf, on the other hand, has already promised to reverse this action and fully implement Medicaid expansion as prescribed by President Obama.

And speaking of Obamacare, recently, the Governor asked the State Department of Education to begin holding hearings to completely eradicate the influence of Common Core Standards (Obamacare for Education) in Pennsylvania. Just like you and me, the Governor wants the Federal Government out of our business. I have no doubt that Tom Wolf would partner us with the federal government at every turn.

Under Governor Corbett, Pennsylvania has become the fastest-growing natural gas-producing state in the nation, and it’s put us on a path to prosperity. Tom Wolf has expressed intent to further tax the oil and gas industry—a tax that would be passed on to you and me. It’s a move that would punish an industry that has brought wealth and jobs to our commonwealth, and would chase them away into neighboring states that would be too glad to welcome this benefits-rich industry without demonizing it.

Friends, I have lived in Pennsylvania my entire life, and like so many of you I have invested myself in keeping it strong. I love this state and I want to see it continue on the current path of success. That’s why I am endorsing Tom Corbett, and why I encourage the good people of Pennsylvania to join me in supporting him for Governor on November 4th.

Rose Tennent