For the past three years the Yellow Ribbon Girls have been selling/collecting Girl Scout Cookies and sending them to the troops. (As well as consistently sending 70-80 care packages a month since 2003.) It’s Girl Scout Cookie time and they are doing it again. Every year they send more and more. Last year they sent 15,000 boxes to the soldiers. I just can’t stand that I can’t get her the attention that they so deserve from our local media outlets. I believe strongly that 15,000 boxes of cookies is news worthy!

I am writing today not only to tell you about their cookie drive but to tell you a little story. There are so many heartwarming stories that have come from their effort. If a person was to interview her, they could fill a book with wonderful things.

Recently a couple from her sister’s church in Beaver County wed for the second time. Because they had both been married before and are older, they asked that in lieu of wedding gifts, money be contributed to the Yellow Ribbon Girls to go for shipping costs of the Girl Scout Cookies. This past weekend they were presented with a check for $700 from this couple. It’s stories like this that never get heard. I wish they would.

You’ve been so kind in the past when I have written about Bonnie Phillippi and her sisters and I just know I can count on you with the Girl Scout Cookies. You have such a large listening audience (me included) and especially an audience who genuinely cares about our troops.
Email for her is   and they now have a website (still under construction) at

Thanks again Rose for always listening,
Lisa A. Krut
Beaver Falls, PA