Keep The Faith

Rose Tennent: Honestly, there are days I wonder if I will actually find a good story in the middle of all of the craziness each week.

But, you know what?  I do.  Each week– I do.  Because the good does exist, and in greater measure than you might imagine.  Oftentimes it’s overshadowed by the bad news stories—but oh, it’s there.

Some people say they are depressed after hearing what happens in Washington everyday.   That depression really is just a feeling of hopelessness.
If we build a home for ourselves there in that despair, then we begin to believe that there really is no possible good thing to come out of all of this.  If we lie there – in that despair – we’ve robbed ourselves of our own destinies.

That doesn’t mean we should not be on top of what’s happening in government. What happens there needs to be talked about – just not fretted about.

Part of being a responsible citizen is being aware.  Knowing what’s going on around you, acknowledging it, and accessing its impact on your present, and even more important, your loved ones future.

To not stay informed, to ignore or allow the bad news of the day to somehow alter your sense of well being, is a disservice.  A disservice to no one but yourself and those you care about.

I know, as well as you, if not more, how discouraging it all seems at times.  But, I think if we could wake up each morning with a sense of gratitude; that we actually did wake up– to find that awesome gift of another day.

And while first rejoicing in that moment of awareness each morning we should resolve to be glad in that day.  Be glad in that gift of life.

Glad that we are given yet another opportunity to discover our path.  A path that we travel each day towards redemption. Redemption not just for ourselves, but also for our loved ones, our neighbors and our country.

Before we plant that first foot on the ground, while we are yet in bed, we should contemplate who it is that we are meant to be and what it is that we are meant to do.
We have an obligation to recognize that our first step out of bed is our first step on a path that cannot be successfully traveled without determination, without purpose, or without true joy.

We are unique you and I.  Of all living things, we are the only ones who have that kind of purpose.  Knowing just that alone – should give us the courage and the excitement to face each day.  Come what may. Each day is a crucial part of that journey.

Is there evil?  Is there sadness?  Is there disappointment that awaits us?  Some days — yes.  But our past experiences should remind us that even in disappointment there is direction.

Even in sadness, there is comfort.  And even when faced with evil – there is goodness.

Darkness does not overcome Light.  It is light that abolishes darkness.

My friend told me the other day that the devil always overplays his hand.  Isn’t that how he got to be the devil in the first place?

We should promise each other that we would not allow bad news, concerns of the day, or disappointments to cloud our vision.  We have got to look through the clouds to see the path ahead. Nothing should slow us down on that journey that has been uniquely designed for each one of us.

A very wise man once said a very long time ago;

“Anyone who is among the living has hope.”